Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

When it comes to real estate marketing, social media is a necessity. Whether you’re building your brand image over time or promoting your latest listing to the largest possible audience, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can help you take your efforts to the next level.

Here are five tips for real estate agents who want to make the most of social media…

1) Share success stories

Social media is a place to highlight your success—by celebrating your clients’ big wins. It’s one of the simplest ways to build your credibility. Buyer stories can be particularly helpful. Few things are as compelling as a photo of a happy, smiling homeowner in front of their new living space!

Of course, if a client gives you a shout-out on one of their social channels, you should share it. That said, posting your own image with a congratulatory caption can also make a very positive impression. Lastly, when a buyer or seller is willing to go more in-depth, you may want to consider featuring them in a blog post or case study. This type of long-form testimonial content can be persuasive for potential leads who are close to taking their next step (plus, you can continue to share it on social in the future).

2) Get personal

Does the content you’re putting out there help your followers feel a connection with you? The truth is, home buyers and sellers want great results and an enjoyable experience. Creating posts isn’t just about having the right processes in place—it’s also about your personality. Luckily, there’s no better place to show what type of agent you are than on social media.

Harvey Kalles salesperson Stephanie Adams does a great job of helping followers get to know her on Instagram. Her feed is filled not only with gorgeous listing images, but fun lifestyle photos and inspirational quotes that showcase who she is. Based on her Insta profile alone, those who consider working with her know the process will be anything but stuffy!

3) Choose your hashtags wisely

One of the best ways to get as many eyes on your Twitter or Instagram posts as possible is by using hashtags. They’re a small addition but they can greatly amplify your reach—which is crucial if you want potential future leads to find and follow you.

The key is to use a mix of general real estate, location-based, and brand-specific hashtags (those that refer to you and your team or brokerage). Try not to go overboard. Yes, you can add up to thirty hashtags to a post, but doing so won’t exactly endear you to your followers. Tools like Hashtagify can help you find relevant options when you’re feeling stuck.

Here are just a few examples of useful hashtags for real estate:

• #listing

• #torontorealestate

• #torontohomeforsale

• #luxuryliving

• #downtown

• #townhouse

• #harveykalles

Lastly, don’t forget that social media is supposed to be fun, so feel free to throw in the odd hashtag that expresses your personality or refers to your mood (#positivevibes).

4) Add video

According to one study, 46 per cent of internet users took some form of action after watching a marketer’s video online. Let’s put that in the context of real estate. A high-quality aspirational image may grab a buyer’s attention, but a dynamic tour has the power to engage them even further. For this reason, sharing video (at least occasionally) on social media is a must.

Jamie Erlick (a Harvey Kalles agent working in Toronto and the GTA) does it right. By posting quick, compelling video tours, he encourages his Instagram followers to look closer at his listings. He also makes his posts more readable and easy to search with engaging captions and relevant hashtags.

5) Shout-out local businesses

The most successful agents are often those who demonstrate their neighbourhood expertise—and connect with the broader community. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, social media gives you a platform to do just that.

When a local boutique you like is running a promotion, give them a shout-out. If one of your favourite restaurants is holding a Mother’s Day brunch, let your followers know. As is the case with all things related to social media, the key is to be authentic. If the business isn’t one you’d ever visit yourself, chances are it won’t come off genuine.

The bottom line

Whether or not it comes naturally to you, crafting a social media strategy for your real estate business makes sense. By setting aside some time to brainstorm and implement a plan, analyze your results, and make adjustments as necessary, you can begin to grow your marketing reach—and start reaping the benefits.

Interested in learning more about how to leverage social media to amass followers—and (hopefully) turn them into leads? You can find more social media tips for real estate agents right here!

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