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Real estate agents tend to be self-starters. Those who remain in the industry for any length of time are successful because they’re consistently driven to achieve. While your motivation may be a great source of strength, it can also make handing over the reins difficult—even when doing so could lead to greater progress.

The truth is, even the most talented real estate professional can use some motivation, support, and guidance. Fortunately, that’s just what a skilled sales manager provides. It’s why they should be one of your most valuable resources!

Here are the top five reasons every agent should work with a great real estate sales manager…

1) They can help you achieve more

Nobody cares more about an agent’s achievements than a sales manager. Your success is their success, and they’ll work tirelessly to ensure that you perform to the best of your abilities. It’s not just about laying out objectives and setting targets (though these tasks are important). A big part of what a great manager does is to create strategies to keep you engaged—and find the ones that work.

The truth is that many agents plateau early on. Often it happens because big-picture planning can pose a distraction to those who need to focus on building one-on-one relationships with clients. Why not work with someone who’s there to support you?

2) They can make you more efficient

As teams become busier, important details can get lost in the shuffle. What happens when it’s not clear who was supposed to keep track of a lead’s position in the sales cycle? The same is true of tracking your weekly and monthly progress. When you’re always moving forward, there’s not much time to reflect on your efforts (or see the obstacles that may be holding you back).

Fortunately, a fantastic sales manager can increase your efficiency. By managing the sales process, identifying potential snags, and posing viable solutions, they can help you do the same work in less time—and take on more when you’re ready!

3) They’ll help you tighten your skillset

Every professional could benefit from coaching and education. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned industry veteran, the right training program can help you get even better at doing the things you enjoy—and tighten up those skills that could use some improvement.

Are you attracting leads that aren’t helpful to you? Does it take longer to complete closing documents than you’d like? Perhaps you’re hoping to advance your negotiation know-how. If so, a sales manager can help. More often than not, there are several professionals on a team who are struggling with the same issue—and a bit of guidance could benefit everyone.

4) They’ll strengthen your team relationships

Your team isn’t just a group of people who you see on a regular basis. It should also be one of your biggest sources of professional support. Unfortunately, when you’re focused on the needs of your clients, it’s all too easy to let relationships with your teammates fall by the wayside.

One of the key benefits of having a great real estate sales manager is the collaborative environment they foster. From leading regular sales meetings to scheduling team-building exercises, they’ll ensure that you and your colleagues work together to achieve better outcomes.

5) They can help you get more leads

Finally, an effective sales manager will help ensure that your team runs smoothly to help you achieve increased sales. That means not only tracking your progress, but guiding you in the best ways to bring in more leads—and close more often.

The truth is, great managers have their own real estate wisdom to impart. By channeling it into stellar lead-generation and marketing strategies, they help agents achieve their full potential. Ready to learn more?

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