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The workplace has shifted dramatically due to COVID-19, and the real estate industry has been no exception. Agents who are used to working in offices, meeting rooms, and with clients in the field are adjusting to a new workspace: home.

Without a doubt, working in a new place (especially a personal one that’s full of distractions) can disrupt productivity. The good news is that you have a lot of control over your home environment. Whether your office is an entire room or a corner by the window, you can set it up to maximize your productivity.

If you’re working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s how to create the ideal workspace…

1) Clean up

Getting used to a new workspace can be challenging in the best of circumstances. To start off on the right foot, focus on creating a clean slate. That means tidying the area where you’ll be sitting down to work each day. It’s important that you feel your space is organized and conducive to the tasks at hand.

2) Reduce the strain

It’s something few of us think about—until we start suffering from an achy back or sore neck. Fortunately, you can prevent bodily strain by setting up your office correctly.

While you might decide to invest in high-quality furniture (many stores offer online ordering and delivery), there are also ways to make your space ergonomically correct without breaking the bank. Start by adjusting your chair and desk to a comfortable height, and reduce eye strain by ensuring your computer is level with your sightline. If your feet don’t touch the ground, you should also consider using a footrest (reams of paper will do in a pinch).

3) Find your digital tools

The real estate business is about relationships, which is why many agents are struggling to do their jobs in the era of social distancing. Fortunately, with the right technology, you can carry out showings, complete transactions, and communicate with clients and team members remotely. To avoid losing momentum, put some thought into the tools and platforms that will work best for you.

Virtual showings are more important than ever right now, and using the right technology (Matterport is a great one) can help ensure the best possible experiences for buyers and sellers. You can hold digital meetings with clients and teammates using Zoom, collaborate via Google Docs, and get all the necessary paperwork filled out with a document-signing app.

4) Make it pleasant

There’s a reason why so many workers add personal mementos and decorative touches to their offices. Put simply, having things you enjoy close at hand is an easy way to brighten up your day. By placing family photos, plants, and fun knick-knacks in your workspace, you can boost your mood and help keep yourself energized.

Of course, there’s another reason to focus on the aesthetic of your home office. At a time when video conferences and meetings are par for the course, having a presentable background conveys an air of professionalism. When you’re setting up your space, think about tidiness and the quality of your lighting.

5) Stay on top of your papers

Studies show that clutter makes us anxious, mentally fatigued, and more likely to procrastinate. When it comes to home offices, paper is often the biggest culprit. Your best bet is to prevent your documents from getting out of control.

Start by reminding yourself to shred paperwork you no longer need to keep or use. For everything else, create an easy-to-follow filing system. A file folder rack that mounts on the wall makes sorting simple, as does having designated boxes for different types of documents. Whatever works for you is fine, so long as you have a straightforward system in place.

Working from home can come with some challenges, but there are steps you can take to help ensure that the adjustment period is smooth. One of the biggest is optimizing your workspace, and it’s well worth the effort. Don’t forget to stand up and move around at least once every hour during the workday!

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