There’s no shortage of real estate agents out there who have built their careers on referrals. What many professionals don’t know is that testimonials can be just as effective. Believe it or not, 88 per cent of consumers trust them as much as personal recommendations. When you’re ready to create a strategy for collecting high-quality testimonials (and make the most of those you already have), here are six helpful tips to try:

1) Ask helpful questions

Not all testimonials are created equally. The most persuasive ones are clear, to the point, and focused on value. Unfortunately, even the most well-intentioned buyer or seller may have difficulty writing a testimonial that meets these criteria. The good news is that you can prompt responses that highlight the best aspects of your clients’ experiences by posing the right questions.

Why did you choose to work with me? What did I do to help you sell? Would you recommend me to your friends and family? Questions like these can lead to more detailed responses.

2) Focus on Google Reviews

When you’re trying to collect as many testimonials as possible, harnessing the power of automation is crucial. That means choosing the right digital tools and making them part of your day-to-day. Let’s start with the most essential—Google Reviews.

The world’s largest search engine is the first place many buyers and sellers go when they’re looking to hire an agent. For this reason, it’s important to encourage clients to leave Google Reviews. For one thing, those that you collect will be yours to use in future marketing materials. Just as importantly, they can help boost your online visibility (since Google factors in positive reviews when determining whether you’re a local expert in your field).

3) Make it easy for them

To increase the chances that a client will submit a testimonial, you need to make the path as straightforward as possible. The key is reducing the number of steps required to complete the task. The easiest way to do that is sending them a URL that will bring them directly to a page where they can submit a Google Review.

Timing also matters. By reaching out immediately after successful outcomes, you can improve client responsiveness—and the quality of your testimonials.

4) Focus on reminders

Have you ever visited a retail website, only to see advertisements for it pop up all over the internet afterwards? They’re called retargeting ads, and they’re effective for a reason. They remind you of a (hopefully) positive experience you had. When you’re trying to secure a testimonial from a past client, you can use the same principle.

While some agents worry that frequent follow-ups may seem aggressive, there are ways of gently reminding buyers and sellers that a testimonial could help you out. Placing a quick request in your email signature is one way to do that and adding a reminder in a sidebar on your website is another.

5) Make them pop

Once you have a powerful testimonial, your task becomes maximizing the chances that potential leads will read it. The first step is making them as visually pleasing (and readable) as possible.

Try to ensure that your testimonials are displayed in fonts consistent with your branding. When colour is applied, it should also be in keeping with the palette you use on your website—and in your marketing materials. Make sure you also consider appropriate spacing and text sizing.

6) Post them frequently

Testimonials offer compelling proof that you’re capable of living up to the claims in your marketing. That’s why it’s so important to make use of them frequently—and across all platforms.

When you’re sharing a testimonial on social media, be aware that you should also engage regularly with your followers. Promoting your services is a wonderful idea, so long as you’re also adding value!

While compelling sales copy is a key piece of the marketing puzzle, few things have the power to persuade buyers and sellers like testimonials. By creating a strategy to collect and make the most of them, you can begin building on the results you’ve achieved—and paving a path to greater success.

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