While most new real estate agents are ready to work hard, it can be difficult to anticipate the challenges of embarking on a career in the industry. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get started off on the right foot. When you’re ready, here are five steps you can take to pave the way for future real estate success:


1) Strengthen your network

It’s essential that you start connecting with like-minded professionals at the beginning of your career. From highly-knowledgeable lawyers to detail-oriented stagers to other agents who are great at what they do, networking with the right people is key.

One simple step you can take is joining your chamber of commerce. It’s a good way to meet (and get to know) local professionals—and start building mutually-beneficial relationships.

Of course, how you communicate is one of the most important things. If you admire the way that someone you’re working with handles a situation, let them know. Be empathetic when they encounter obstacles, and follow up to show gratitude if they come through for you.


2) Farm an area

Becoming a go-to source for a specific geographical area is the key to success. For new agents who haven’t yet carved out a niche, this strategy also provides a clear path forward.

The first step is narrowing your focus. Choose your neighbourhood, learn as much as you can about it, and tailor your promotional efforts to local residents. There will be some upfront costs, including your strategic marketing materials—such as the postcards or flyers you’ll distribute in the area.

Of course, there’s more to building a farm than paying to promote yourself locally. You can also strengthen your presence in an area by joining community groups, volunteering, and spearheading fundraising efforts.


3) Build your CRM

Real estate isn’t just about property—it’s also about relationships. Many of the clients you assist in your career will be embarking on the largest transaction of their lives. They need to trust you, which will usually happen when they become familiar with you over time. That’s where a strong CRM comes in.

The truth is, it’s about more than just keeping your clients and leads organized. When you track their details—and the points of contact you’ve had with them—you’re well-positioned to shape the experiences they have with you; this means reaching out at the right moment to say just the right thing.

The beginning of your career is the ideal time for you to set up your CRM, get used to maintaining it, and figure out how it can be used to nurture leads.


4) Invest in marketing

There are over 130,000 Canadian Real Estate Association members. In other words, you’ve just entered a crowded market, and setting yourself apart may be a challenge. That’s why marketing strategically, right from the beginning, is so important.

Consistent branding is a great place to start. Keeping your logo, fonts, and colour palette consistent across all of your marketing materials will help ensure a strong presence.

You should also put considerable effort into building your website and social media strategy. Remember, it doesn’t always pay to do what everyone else is doing. Fortunately, a supportive team can help you understand which marketing tactics will work for you.


5) Tap your teammates

When you’re choosing a team to join, there’s no shortage of things to consider. It’s not just about commission splits and desk fees. A supportive culture, strong leadership, and access to useful tools and resources should all be factored into your decision.

Once you’ve joined a team, you’ll want to start cultivating internal relationships early on. Your colleagues will have experience with many of the obstacles you face as a new agent, and management can offer proven expertise and a useful perspective when you need it.

It’s true that a career in real estate provides a good deal of independence. Just don’t forget that your greatest resource may be the professionals you choose to surround yourself with!


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