Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that so far 2021 is finding you rested, healthy, and ready to tackle the challenges of a new season.

As you know, Ontario is currently in a lockdown. We don’t really know what the future holds, but at this moment in time, real estate continues to be deemed an essential service.

Ontario provincial policy has mandated that there are no open houses permitted, however property showings are allowed if protocols are met on all sides. Certainly, I know that for our listings, our agents are ensuring that all protocols are being fully adhered to. Outside of our listings, when a Harvey Kalles agent is showing another brokerage’s listing, I hope that most brokerages are also following best practices. But don’t forget, a co-op agent, who represents buyers, should still take responsibility to protect their clients’ and their own safety. So, we always must ask the questions: How are showings taking place? When was the last time a showing occurred at the property? Is there anyone in the house who’s not well? If people are offended by these queries, that’s unfortunate, but health and welfare are the priorities.

Cases of Covid-19 have been increasing in the province of Ontario. This is a fact. So, if anyone has any questions about Harvey Kalles Real Estate’s Covid-19 protocols for showing or listing houses, please be sure to speak with a member of our sales team or contact me directly. We are happy to help offer clarity and peace of mind.

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