Midtown is like dipping your feet in the pool. It’s close and connected enough to the downtown core to let you partake in the full experience, but it isn’t a full-on submersion in the deep end.

For that reason – and several others – the region attracts a broad and diverse group of inhabitants. Young professionals hopping on the Line 1 subway to work; families craving quality schools, parks and green space; affluent retirees who still want to move and shake on the weekend – several types of people love their life in Midtown. The region has something for everyone.

In this article, your preeminent Toronto realtors at Harvey Kalles put this central area front and centre. Where is Midtown Toronto? What Toronto neighbourhoods fall under its wide umbrella? And what are a few ways to make the most of your Midtown experience? Let’s explore.

What Is Midtown? Borders, Neighbourhoods and Central Crossroads

What is considered Midtown Toronto, exactly? Depending on who you ask, Midtown means a few things. For some people, the region is synonymous with its central crossroad: Yonge and Eglinton, which forms the beating heart of the greater Midtown area.

However, the official, on-map definition of “Midtown Toronto” is much broader than its Yonge-and-Eg centre. East to west, the area stretches from Ossington/Oakwood to Bayview Avenue; north to south, it stretches all the way up to Lawrence Avenue West, and all the way down to Bloor Street. Given that wide perimeter, Midtown officially comprises big-name neighbourhoods like Yorkville, Koreatown, Rosedale and Lawrence Park.

Breaking Down Midtown, Neighbourhood by Neighbourhood

There’s little holding Midtown together other than its name. The region is a diverse agglomeration of neighbourhoods, each with its own feel and culture. To help give you a lay of the land, let’s break Midtown down by its individual neighbourhoods.

Yonge and Eglinton

Nicknamed “Yonge and Eligible” by the many young professionals who call it home, Yonge and Eg is a relatively affordable, accessible option for young professionals. That said, it’s far from just a bedroom community. The neighbourhood is chock-a-block with trendy boutiques, diverse dining options, and dynamic entertainment venues.


Rosedale epitomizes luxury living in the heart of Toronto. At the doorstep of the action, just northeast of downtown, this swanky neighbourhood houses grand mansions, lush gardens and winding ravines. One look at it, and you can instantly see why it’s one of Toronto’s most attractive postal codes. Along with fellow Midtown neighbourhood Lawrence Park, it’s the highest-net-worth place in Canada.

Midtown Toronto is home to Casa Loma, one of the main historic attractions in the city

Forest Hill

Similarly affluent, Forest Hill is a touch more private than Rosedale – nestled atop Midtown between Eglinton and Lawrence. The neighbourhood has a stately, residential feel that’s ideal for Torontonians craving space, while still retaining the ability to dart down to the city quickly. Notably, the area has some of the city’s finest schools, making it one of the best midtown neighbourhoods for families.


File this under “technically it’s Midtown,” since many Yorkville residents consider themselves more in step with downtown. At any rate, Yorkville is the place to see and be seen. The chic enclave, bordering the Bloor/Yonge area, attracts movie stars and fashionistas, high rollers and heavy hitters. It’s a Champagne-and-caviar kind of neighbourhood that manages to avoid being too showy, featuring heritage homes, characterful buildings and gorgeous, tree-lined streets.


Known for its tight-knit artistic community and vibrant cultural scene, Wychwood revels in a laid-back atmosphere with eclectic shops and cozy cafés. When we show our clients Wychwood homes, they always remark in amazement at its sense of community and activity-rich parks like Wychwood Barns. Most of them never want to leave.


In the southwest corner of Midtown lies Koreatown, a happening hotbed of Korean culture inflected with those youthful West End vibes. If you like your dinner grilled over a communal BBQ and your pop songs belted from a private mic in a roomful of friends, this is your neighbourhood. The area also boasts close proximity to amazing parks like Christie Pits, as well as hot spots like the Annex and Little Italy.

What to Do, See and Eat in Midtown

If you’re considering buying in the heart of Toronto, we recommend taking a weekend to exhaust the numerous corners of Midtown. Everywhere you look in this large area, there’s something captivating to do, eat and see. To help you whittle down your itinerary, here are a few bucket-list items for a tour of Midtown Toronto:

  • Explore the Opulence of Casa Loma: As far as stunning architecture in Toronto goes, you can’t do much better than historical landmarks like Casa Loma. Book a tour of the grounds, or check the Casa Loma event calendar, which routinely posts ritzy dinners, glittery balls and other parties.
  • Eat (and Sing) Your Way Through Koreatown: Koreatown features a high density of great restaurants, from grill-your-own meat joints to bone broth soup staples. It’s the perfect base for a boozy visit to one of the neighbourhood’s popular karaoke spots.
  • Practice Retail Therapy in Bloor-Yorkville: Retail therapy comes easy in Bloor-Yorkville, which is stacked with high-end European designer stores and locally owned boutiques. Of course, there are other forms of therapy here, too, like upscale spas, saltwater pools, and mani/pedi parlours.
  • Catch an Event at Wychwood Barns: Wychwood Barns, a heritage structure that once housed city streetcars in the early 20th Century, is terrific any day of the week. However, it shines when hosting popular events like food festivals, drink festivals and art exhibits.
  • Forest Bathe in Sherwood Park: Sherwood Park is a sprawling green space encompassing wild woodland, picturesque boardwalk trails, kids’ playgrounds and wading pools. Grab some snacky items from nearby Yonge and Eglinton, and make a picnic day of it.

Once you’ve properly fallen in love with the place, contact our winning realtors at Harvey Kalles.

Finding a Dream Home in Midtown

Finding a dream home in Midtown isn’t hard. There’s typically lots of inventory in the wide region, and its diversity of home styles – houses, semi-detacheds, townhouses and condos – appeals to all budgets and walks of life.

With such a complex and diverse area, it’s best to zero in on a neighbourhood that speaks to you, whether it’s the young professional vibe of Yonge and Eglinton, the upscale chic of Yorkville or residential exclusivity of Rosedale. If you need help honing in on a neighbourhood, we can help. And when it comes time to fight for a dream home in Midtown, allow us to be your advocates.