Top Toronto Romantic Date Destinations This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may be looking for the perfect romantic date night destination for your special someone.

It can be difficult to decide on a winning date night option, especially with lockdown restrictions making it difficult to tell what’s available for booking. It can also be hard to choose a unique setting amongst the thousands of events that the Toronto arts and culture scene has to offer.

But fear not, as, despite covid restrictions, there are still many available options in the city to help charm the ones you care for during this season of love.

Here are some of our top Toronto date night ideas.

Nordic Lights

With provincial restrictions still leaving limitations on many Toronto indoor date night ideas, having an outdoor alternative may be a good idea. Fortunately, Nordic Lights has you covered.

Featuring several outdoor art installations, Nordic Lights is a free event, which is part of the Harbourfront Centre’s winter program Festival of Cool.

“Take a trip on the Bifrost, the dazzling rainbow bridge of Norse myth that connects us with the realm of the gods to our world of light and art,” the Harbourfront Centre says of the event.

The Nordic Lights exhibit is curated by Norway’s Fjord Studio. It features several sculptures and light displays including Control No Control, a large interactive LED cube that is reactive to every touch and movement on its surface, reacting with streamlined sounds and patterns.

Alexander Lervik’s Sense Light Swing is another piece on display at Nordic Lights, featuring an acrylic swing set lined with high-powered LEDs which work to create a dazzling light show as the exhibit swings from its cord. This piece first premiered in 2020 at the Nobel Week Lights in Stockholm, Sweden.

So whether it’s for an illuminated romantic late-night stroll or to make the perfect backdrop for your #datenight social media posts, Nordic Lights is sure to make your date night in Toronto an illuminating experience.

DJ Skate Night

Nothing says date night like skate night! If you’re looking for a way to make your experience a little extra exciting, have the night hosted by a local DJ, with themes such as disco, hip-hop and techno to keep the vibe going all through your evening.

Located at the newly constructed rink along the Harbourfront, DJ Skate Nights is a free event and requires neither skill nor equipment to attend. Rentals are available at the rink, allowing you have everything you need to learn to skate, or you can wow your date with your existing skills while listening to exciting tunes.

Instructors are also available for lessons to help ensure you don’t end up tripping up in front of your date.

DJ Skate Nights at Harbourfront is on Saturday nights from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm and runs every Saturday night and runs until mid-February, making it a perfect early Valentine’s date destination before it finalizes for the season.

Dinner with a Twist

A nice dinner out is a classic date night in Toronto destination, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Scattered throughout the best food neighbourhoods in Toronto, several restaurants go the extra mile to make your dining experience go the extra mile. Here are some ideas to get you started!

O.Noir Toronto

The original “dine in the dark” experience, O. NOIR strips away the superficial layers and has patrons dine completely in the dark.

That’s right…no flashlights, no phones, or even watches with any luminescence. This unique restaurant aims to allow patrons to experience a better understanding of the world of the visually impaired – just like the wait staff who work at the restaurant.

O.NOIR’s founder, Moe Alameddine, assures diners that the experience is insightful and stimulates the senses; and says that many patrons find their senses such as touch, sound, and of course, taste are heightened in the dark.

For The Win Board Game Cafe & Bar

If you’ve ever heard of Toronto’s staple Snakes and Lattes, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the board game café, where patrons can enjoy food and drink while enjoying the entertainment of table-top board games.

Family-owned and operated since 2014, For the Win hosts an impressive selection of over 1000 games, including a fair selection of games designed for two.

You and your date can learn more about one another by playing each other’s favourite childhood board game, or bond in challenging yourselves to learn new ones…all while enjoying one of the unique menus of food and drink supplied by the venue.

Clarified Thai Milk Punch, Tokyo Fog and other tailored cocktails find their home on the drink menu, as well as a large selection of beers and non-alcoholic beverages like Nutella hot chocolate. For dessert, try their signature Shibuya Honey Toast, served with vanilla ice cream and honey drizzle.

Sultan’s Tent and Café Maroc

Leave the cold of the city behind when you step into Sultan’s Tent, transporting yourselves instantly to this Moroccan paradise. Adorned with jewel-toned curtains, golden tapestries, and plush cushions to help set the atmosphere, you and your date can enjoy the Moroccan French-inspired dinner menu, with options such as braised lamb freekeh, Moroccan beef stew, and Chermoula salmon.

What really sets Sultan’s Tent apart as a date night destination is its entertainment. The Sultan’s Tent features a cast of belly dancers, who regularly perform shows Monday to Wednesday at 8:00 pm, and Thursday to Sunday at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

Other Great Date Night Ideas in Toronto

  • View the works of a great AGO event and exhibition such as Red Is Beautiful, We Have Found Each Other, and Fragments of Epic Memory.
  • Stroll through one of many of Toronto’s great city parks with a warm beverage.
  • Treat yourselves to a romantic getaway at a couple’s spa, such as Elmwood Spa or Bahn Thai Spa.

If you’re apprehensive about public date night ideas in Toronto, due to the pandemic, try booking online shows and exhibits or taking digital cooking or dance classes. In the end, the destination of your date night in Toronto doesn’t matter; it’s time you spend together that’s truly important.

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