It’s difficult to say no to those beautiful sweet treats that we love so much, whether it’s late in the day or early in the morning.

The good news is that Toronto’s dessert selections are just as varied as its dining scene. Scattered throughout Toronto’s finest neighbourhoods are French patisseries, Japanese cream buns, and honey-drizzled loukoumades, to name just a few examples. Whether they’re found in secret Toronto restaurants or signature neighbourhood establishments, tantalizing desserts can be discovered just about anywhere in the city.

The following are some of our favourite dessert locations in Toronto.


“Dessert Makes You Happy” is painted over one of the walls in the spotless room where all the baking is done. One of Toronto’s favourite bakeries, Roselle Desserts produces some of the city’s most popular cookies, soft serve, and other baked goods.

Since spreading crepes is said to be their expertise, Roselle is called a crepe spreader. One such delight that Roselle has to offer is their raspberry madeleine, which is packed with freeze-dried raspberries and a coating made of raspberry puree, lemon juice, and sugar.


Some of the trendiest (and sweetest) baked goodies in Toronto can be found at Bakerbots Baking, which is just a short distance from Ossington station. The restaurant’s creative flavours are the centre of attention because of the space’s modest, understated aesthetic.

Choose from a variety of tarts (including butter, pecan, butterscotch, and lemon cream), cupcakes, cakes (including cheese and carrot), and much more. Find out when your favourite dessert is in season, since many desserts, including fruit pies, are created seasonally.

One item that Bakerbots is well known for is their ice cream cookie sandwiches, such as the “Everything,” which has two types of chocolate, pretzels, peanut butter, and oats.


Bomou bakery is a contemporary Parisian café and bakery located in the Leaside district of Toronto. It specialises in creating handmade baguettes and viennoiseries. Bomou is a sensory pleasure with a large selection of exquisite pastries and bonbon chocolates, paired with fragrant blooming teas and blended coffee.

Bomou is co-run by sisters Negar and Azar Sabzevari. Negar, who oversees the kitchen, has been baking since she was four years old.

Bomou caters to all of your day’s needs, whether you want a gourmet meal, a sweet treat in the afternoon, or when looking for cafes and coffee shops for that morning coffee and croissant.

The bakery offers bonbons, fruit tarts, cookies, and chocolate bars that are prepared in-house.

Cookies from Craig

Craig Pike, the actor who launched Craig’s Cookies, needed some fast cash in 2013. He decided to bake a few batches of his well-known cookie recipe and sell them to friends and family through Facebook and Instagram. Within a few weeks, he sold thousands of cookies.

In April 2018, Craig’s Cookies received a permanent storefront location, after a mention in Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine and a pop-up at Yorkdale Mall.

With two more stores on the way, Craig’s Cookies has already grown to four locations around Toronto in less than three years. Another site is opening in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and the newest Toronto shop will be back in their former Yorkdale location.

The cookies at Craigs are created using excellent flour, a little more salt than usual, and organic vanilla essence, according to his mother’s recipe. The end product is a batch of very sweet, soft, fluffy cookies. Craigs offers a cookie for everyone, including Oreos and Hershey chocolate chips, as well as Kellogg pop tarts and baklava.

Bunners BakeShop

We all know that eating a balanced diet is important. But sometimes this can be difficult to accomplish when one has an allergy. This can be true for dessert seekers, as well! Anyone with celiac disease or gluten allergies may feel comfortable at Toronto’s top gluten-free bakeries which create baked goods without wheat or rye or barley by substituting delectable ingredients. Since 2010, Bunner’s Bakeshop has been demonstrating that being vegan and gluten-free need not require compromise. According to the Bunners website, their traditional baked delicacies can’t be distinguished from their classic equivalents. No matter whether it’s for cakes, gigantic muffins, luscious cupcakes, or sticky cinnamon buns, Bunner’s is known for its excellent flavour and great value.

China’s Double Ming Dessert

Visit this dessert shop in Scarborough if you’re looking for genuine Chinese sweets (think red bean, coconut jelly, ginger milk, herbal desserts, etc.). The establishment is modest with limited space, but they offer one of the greatest Asian sweets in town.

They provide a wide variety of dessert options, such as mango sagos, stewed hasma with almond paste or coconut milk, and cooked egg with milk and sago.

If you’re searching for something traditional and classic in the Greater Toronto Area, visit this dessert spot.

Fuwa Fuwa

We strongly advise visiting Fuwa Fuwa if you’re seeking one of the greatest Japanese pancake desserts in Toronto. You’ll understand why the name means “fluffy fluffy” after you sample one of their famous pancakes topped with ice cream…perfect for a romantic date idea in the city.

After trying Fuwa Fuwa, you’ll undoubtedly think that other pancakes, particularly those made in the Western manner, are excessively thick, heavy, and buttery.

We like their fluffy, airy pancakes since they don’t seem too filling. As soon as you bite into one of these pancakes, they quickly melt in your mouth and have you drooling for more. Each pancake starts off with egg whites that have been whisked to soft peaks, since this is necessary for the pancakes’ ultimate airy texture. Soufflé pancakes are tender, springy, and have a fine balance between a soufflé and a regular pancake flavour.

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