Best Real Estate Brokerage

Whether you’re a newly-minted agent or a seasoned industry veteran who’s ready to make a change, finding the best real estate brokerage is probably at the forefront of your mind. It’s not an easy decision. The company you choose will help determine the course of your career, which is why weighing all of the factors involved is so crucial.

If you’re trying to find the best real estate brokerage, here are just a few things to keep in mind…

Consider your reach

When you’re looking for the best real estate brokerage for you, think about exposure. Whether you go the boutique route, choose a team that belongs to an international franchise, or opt for something in between, the place you choose should be able to help you get the attention you deserve.

Think about local presence and overall brand awareness. Bigger isn’t always better—but you want to work with a company that’s both recognizable and highly-respected in your city. In many cases, mid-sized brokerages can provide the right balance between name recognition and hands-on marketing support.

Think beyond commission splits

Many new agents choose a brokerage based primarily on how their commission will be split. While it’s true that you should know the percentage you’ll take home from a successful sale, there are other factors that could impact your bottom line.

First off, be aware that brokerages offering highly favourable commissions (some as high as 100 per cent) typically charge significant fees to make up for it. You should also know that there are many factors involved in your earning potential.

In other words: when you’re considering a brokerage, account for all ongoing expenses you’ll incur. Don’t forget to factor in the value of a well-respected top brand and the multitude of services offered by a full service brokerage that can help grow your business.

Be mindful of future opportunities

When you’re looking at companies, try to think beyond your immediate needs. While it’s certainly possible to change brokerages down the line, your best bet is to find a place where you can start setting down a solid foundation to grow your career.

The size, structure, and reputation of a company can impact how many opportunities you’ll have for advancement. From top notch training, business development support and in-house marketing to a full range of services that give you an edge on your competition, it pays to evaluate the whole picture.

Look at the leadership

Part of choosing the best brokerage to meet your needs is looking at the leadership teams involved. The truth is, who’s at the helm matters. Management provides guidance and support—and makes decisions that could play a role in the level of success you achieve.

From the CEO to the sales and marketing managers, every high-level team member should have integrity, a strong track record, and an abundance of relevant experience. You should also feel free to ask about how they approach their work—and how much access you’re likely to have to their wisdom.

Think overall fit

When it comes to finding the best real estate brokerage for your lifestyle and long-term goals, think about all-around fit. Would you rather be part of a tight-knit team, or work almost entirely independently with as-needed support? The truth is, culture matters—even when much of the work you’re doing is from home.

You should also consider the kind of professional you aspire to be. Some agents want to be known for hands-on attention and a very high level of personalized service. Others prefer to stress that they’re backed by the resources of a large international network. Of course, there are places that offer the best of both worlds. Just be aware of what aligning yourself with a particular brokerage says about you!

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